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Stefan Donati
I'm 34 years old and currently working towards an M.A. degree in Sociology (major) and Political Science (minor) at the Universities of Basel and Lucerne. My research interests include some of the manifold conjunction of these two areas, such as in urban research & planning, migration policy, food security, international political economy, international development, as well as social order & violence.
Before my endeavour in academics, I've worked for more than ten years in various positions at Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second largest financial institution. Nowadays, I do freelance work for the INURA Zürich Institut, an organization for urban research, and work part time as a student assistant for the program evaluation in Quality Development at the University of Basel. Apart from that, I'm also a founding member of the student project Offener Hörsaal, which supports refugee participation at the University of Basel.
When I'm not studying, I enjoy reading (fictional and non-fictional) books, having good discussions over a glass of wine, or doing some outdoor sports such as hiking. I'm also an avid independent traveller, having been to almost 30 countries around the world, including countries and territories at the Horn of Africa and in Central Asia.
Amongst others, my memberships include INURA (International Network for Urban Research and Action), Amnesty International Students Basel, and Urban Agriculture Basel.
If you are interested in getting in touch with me, feel free to write an e-mail to